Carpet Cleaning & Repairs Alexandria

Making your carpet look and feel cleaner

Carpet is the most common flooring. Be it the modern homes or the older ones, carpet is a preferred choice of all homeowners. Carpets serve many purposes like they dampen the noise, prevent slipping and thus injuries and they also collect dust and other debris that is stuck in our shoes and slippers. To ensure that a carpet longs last it is necessary to clean it thoroughly and regularly. It is a common misconception that vacuuming is sufficient for cleaning carpets. However, thorough cleaning requires special professional service and with ACE at your disposal you can put all your carpet cleaning worries at bay. We will clean your carpet and make it look just as it looked when you bought it. The softness, lustre and beauty of your carpet will be restored and that too at the most competitive prices.

Professional services to clean your carpets

When it comes to Carpet Cleaning in Alexandria, finding the perfect professional service provider is not a tough task. The reason why it is not a tough task is because ACE provides its quality and professional services in Alexandria. If you are a resident of Alexandria and you need to get your carpet cleaned, then look no further as we will provide you one stop solution for all your requirements. We can remove the toughest stains, do regular cleaning and remove moulds and other pollutants. We are well-versed with restoration and cleaning and repair and so we know how exactly a carpet needs to be treated. With a quality service provider like ACE at your service you do not even need to worry about removing the furniture. Once you hire us, you just need to sit back and relax and watch us do our work in the most efficient manner. We are always on time as we value your time and do not wish to keep you waiting.

Safe and effective cleaning and repair solutions

We are known for providing the safest and most effective cleaning and repair services for carpets. The products that we use for cleaning are mild and non-toxic. We also provide services for Carpet Repairs in Alexandria and can repair any damages to the carpets. The various repair services that we can provide include: fixing seams that are coming apart, taking care of any ripples, fixing frayed edges and burn holes and making bleach stains or other discoloration discreet. Our team is prompt and they are highly skilled to understand the problem and then take action to fix it. For us your satisfaction is the top priority and so we always try to go that extra mile to make you happy.

For all you need related to Carpet Cleaning in Alexandria give us a call on 0415 096 801. If you need a service provider that can assure you peace of mind and take care of your carpet as if it’s their own then ACE is your solution. For a free quote call us or write to us on