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Carpet cleaning in Sydney

Giving your old carpets a new life

At ACE we fulfill your wish to have state of the art carpet cleaning services at your disposal. With years of experience in the industry, we are the no. 1 choice to provide the best Carpet cleaning in Sydney. We are one of the major carpet cleaning brands and our white vans with spades on their sides are a regular sight in the neighborhoods. Over the years we have always stuck to the following principles as a thumb rule:

  • Highly skilled workforce which is never subcontracted and professionally screened
  • Using the latest technology and modern tools to work efficiently
  • Quick response time for all your carpet woes
  • Consistent quality services and a guarantee of 100% satisfaction

These principles are the very reason we have been so successful in the past and we enthusiastically follow the same principles every single day since the day of our inception. Our custom designed cleaning methods target even the worst carpet stains and odors freeing your carpet from the clutches of dirt and smell, thus giving a rejuvenated look.

Why should you choose our services?

As if the reasons mentioned above were not enough, we would still want you to know why our carpet cleaning services in Sydney are the best for you. Firstly, we understand that every cleaning job is different just like every carpet is unique. So we conduct a proper research and inspection of your carpet, taking a note of the heavily used and heavily soiled areas. Then our technicians use their skills and experience to do the best job possible to restore your carpet to its original brand new look. Secondly, we at ACE know how harmful an exposure to chemicals and cleaning agents can be from you, especially the young ones in your house. This is why we only use chemicals that are toxin free and have a wide spectrum for killing and immobilizing various bacteria with minimum usage by volume. All our cleaning agents are environment friendly and we adhere to the most strict industry standards.

Services that we have to offer

We have the following set of services that are completely customizable according to your needs and can be fine-tuned depending upon your requirements:

  • Carpet Cleaning services
  • Scotch guarding
  • Treatment for soiling of carpets
  • Odor control
  • Sanitization or part or whole
  • Removal of hard stains
  • Carpet protection
  • rug cleaning – on site or take away and return

Apart from the above mentioned services, ACE also takes care of your upholstery and provides cleaning and repair services for it as well.

If you have any queries regarding our services, you could write to us at info@acecleanservices.com.au or if you have any quick queries you could call us on 02 9690 0074 and 0415 096 801.